Fortnite Champion Series C2 S6 Finals 2 - NAE/NAW (EN) 

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The Fortnite Champion Series is an open tournament in which the best players each season rise to the top and claim the title of champion in their region. Any Trio that has reached Champion division in Arena can enter and win.

Watch live coverage right here!

Final 2


Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

Instagram: fortnite
Twitter: FNCompetitive
Facebook: FortniteGame/

Learn More: www.epicgames.com/fortnite/co...



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محمد ياسين
محمد ياسين 3 päeva tagasi
Felipe 4 päeva tagasi
Infelizmente n ganhei essa fncs 😔
Avienad 4 päeva tagasi
If I competed I’d want to get third
MrRocky 6 päeva tagasi
My friends cousin was on FNCS Rivalton
Matthew Dinslage
Matthew Dinslage 7 päeva tagasi
watching this later in the week and i love this game and game play thanks
Max Purvis
Max Purvis 8 päeva tagasi
Max Purvis
Max Purvis 8 päeva tagasi
Can you get fortnite to Mobile
Leo Rose
Leo Rose 11 päeva tagasi
Free Jarvis
Team STZ
Team STZ 9 päeva tagasi
Don’t free Jarvis he will never be unbanned he cheated now he’s banned good for him
Leo Rose
Leo Rose 11 päeva tagasi
Guys help me free Jarvis
Leo Rose
Leo Rose 11 päeva tagasi
Free Jarvis
Leo Rose
Leo Rose 11 päeva tagasi
Free Jarvis tonight Fortnite do it now free Jarvis
Leo Rose
Leo Rose 11 päeva tagasi
Free Jarvis
Leo Rose
Leo Rose 11 päeva tagasi
Free Jarvis
Leo Rose
Leo Rose 11 päeva tagasi
Free Jarvis
Johan Persson
Johan Persson 14 päeva tagasi
Pls give wille8501 take the L and pls give Saffran521 shadow meowscleas
Bruce Darnell
Bruce Darnell 15 päeva tagasi
After watching this, I'd love to see the following: 1) Any of the Assassin's Creed characters. 2) Dragon Ball Z/Super characters 3) More animal hybrids. Lions, wolves, pandas, cheetahs, etc. 4) Greek/Roman/Egyptian mythology 5) Sonic the Hedgehog 6) Galaxy characters like Supernova, Constellation, etc. These are just a few that I have been pondering lately. I also feel that if you can make it to the gold characters, above level 200, you should be able to take more damage before loosing your health. I also would love to see more variation in the vbuck store. If you have no vbucks, spending $16 on a character is a little crazy. I would like to see more option there and for the monthly subscription, I also feel the vbucks should be around 1,500 instead of the 1,000 you get.
Game Master
Game Master 15 päeva tagasi
Holy Bible
Holy Bible 15 päeva tagasi
add the og pumps back dudes ;-;
YUSUF MOHAMMED 15 päeva tagasi
Can I get the bat man zero skin for 100 v nix
20345 Zaviyar Babar
20345 Zaviyar Babar 16 päeva tagasi
please i beg you please bring back the old map
Kapitán Mlíko
Kapitán Mlíko 16 päeva tagasi
Every single one of the cast members looks like they got script saying "when you don't talk, nod and smile" it creeps me out. Look at sundown... I don't know. I might be crazy.
Trenton McRorie
Trenton McRorie 9 päeva tagasi
Do you smoke weed?
kinanthecranker 16 päeva tagasi
Is it me or do I feel like fortnite is uploading competitive videos too much.
Transformer10 Jt
Transformer10 Jt 16 päeva tagasi
Can you add the song mood as a icon emote
Bill 16 päeva tagasi
I loveeee your game
among gam3r
among gam3r 16 päeva tagasi
The best game ever is (FORTNITE)
냥냥이 16 päeva tagasi
If you let me out of Fortnite Johnwick, I'll buy Johnwick.
Dmitro Kravchenko
Dmitro Kravchenko 16 päeva tagasi
Hello, I want to talk about the tower and the map, I want this tower to disappear in the battle laboratory, I want you to return the map from the first season of the second chapter
Dion De Oliveira
Dion De Oliveira 16 päeva tagasi
кто такой Разаэль
When will be a collaboration with Marvel?
مندر تيوب
مندر تيوب 16 päeva tagasi
تفو عليك وعلي شكلك
Master Gaming
Master Gaming 16 päeva tagasi
Can you pls bring back snipers
Caballo12m 16 päeva tagasi
Un torneo de zonewars estaría pro
Yadira Camargo
Yadira Camargo 16 päeva tagasi
Sithuna Sram
Sithuna Sram 16 päeva tagasi
Ashley Almaraz
Ashley Almaraz 16 päeva tagasi
Can you put Poki dance in the item shop
Aidan Miranda
Aidan Miranda 16 päeva tagasi
The creators must be so depressed, went from one of the best games ever with everyone playing, to a bunch of 9 year olds and everyone hating the game and not playing it. They probably hate the game as well but have no option to keep updating it
tamer azmi
tamer azmi 11 päeva tagasi
Kara Bosma
Kara Bosma 16 päeva tagasi
Why do u not let people that have an apple iPad or a apple phone or a apple computer play fortnite because I have a apple iPad?
Joshtplatt 16 päeva tagasi
Bring Renegade out please next item shop
TheDemonReborn 16 päeva tagasi
that one australian commentator saved the vid lol
Taleen Ali
Taleen Ali 16 päeva tagasi
Fortnite can you please add more racing to the game because I think it’s feeling old the people feeling ouch of all the other people that three have the Redskins and they really want it and they’re really filling out on it so I think we can try to put the desk back inside the game and actually putting skins inside the game so everybody can make them some Redskins so everybody enjoy not tell them say to the sales I don’t have any skin there’s no point to playing and I think if you want to get more players in the game I really think you should like let people in some of the people negative skin so they can actually enjoy
Full time Country
Full time Country 16 päeva tagasi
um hey fortnite my voice chat is completly muted i was wondering if you could fix it my username is 2.0 Pixle
Jayden Luquin
Jayden Luquin 16 päeva tagasi
You should make it so we can go back to any season
citlali rule mora
citlali rule mora 16 päeva tagasi
therapist do you
synq 16 päeva tagasi
Put the Marge back please
Adrianna Schelmetty
Adrianna Schelmetty 16 päeva tagasi
Oí soý dòra
SKULLY GAMER 16 päeva tagasi
When does season 7 starts
SKULLY GAMER 15 päeva tagasi
SKULLY GAMER 15 päeva tagasi
Jenmson gaming
Jenmson gaming 15 päeva tagasi
Jenmson gaming
Jenmson gaming 15 päeva tagasi
чопикун 15 päeva tagasi
Tomorrow my man
Rachel Mitchell
Rachel Mitchell 16 päeva tagasi
add trading
Rachel Mitchell
Rachel Mitchell 16 päeva tagasi
add trading
Rachel Mitchell
Rachel Mitchell 16 päeva tagasi
add trading
Rachel Mitchell
Rachel Mitchell 16 päeva tagasi
yall need to add trading
Rachel Mitchell
Rachel Mitchell 16 päeva tagasi
can u add trading pls almost everbody been wanting it pls add it for a update my friends want trading too pls add it and you guys add haze in the idem shop on the 5th in jun
Thatporpoise5o6 16 päeva tagasi
Epic you need to fix your game get rid of rapters and ban cranchers
Srathens Gaming
Srathens Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
@Thatporpoise5o6 you spelled it wrong and a crankier is a player how do they remove a real player causal players are idiots
Thatporpoise5o6 15 päeva tagasi
When you shoot someone once and they start building like crazy to sky limit
Srathens Gaming
Srathens Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
What the hell is a crancher
Electric Boy
Electric Boy 16 päeva tagasi
Por favor fortnite pongan fortnite x My Hero Academia pack ochako , deku y bakugo
Bennett Marcum
Bennett Marcum 16 päeva tagasi
are you going to bring renegade raider back in season 7 chapter 2
Srathens Gaming
Srathens Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
Shut up
Ji Ni
Ji Ni 16 päeva tagasi
رجع الهانتق رايفيل
RussoPlaysFan Supporter
RussoPlaysFan Supporter 16 päeva tagasi
Eli gaming
Eli gaming 16 päeva tagasi
Hey fortnite can you add thanos to creative mode only
miguel Santos
miguel Santos 16 päeva tagasi
Vai libera Epa Samsung libera de papudo Epic game que agora você vai ter que apelar para o free Fire tá ganhando tá na nossa frente todos os canais que só tem um filho vai tá ganhando vai logo libera e passando suco de batata para todos os celular libera aí para tudo deixa o jogo mais o jogo mais mais legal mas cidade mais rápido que faz tá ganhando para com essa luta careca ou vai para os criadores do free Fire
miguel Santos
miguel Santos 16 päeva tagasi
Bora aí bora aí fortnite libera e para todo o celular o fortnite deixa o jogo mais bom que Pesquisa aí no Google o free Fire jogo de cortar ganhando fim a Celeste negócio aí deixa o jogo mais leve libera passou do celular
Hamzeh Bsoul
Hamzeh Bsoul 16 päeva tagasi
Fortnite u scamed me u still my vbucks I paid for nothing
Jezebelle Mk
Jezebelle Mk 17 päeva tagasi
They’re coming
YT Magma-Gaming
YT Magma-Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
Be prepared for the invasion
DR - 03NF 867467 Beryl Ford PS
y u bane me for no reson
Mica Bryant
Mica Bryant 17 päeva tagasi
I am sick of the lag in this game! I just rage quit because it's unplayable right now just throwing me everywhere lagging me back and fowards and I've no idea what's going on!
Y-i-k-s 13 päeva tagasi
@Mica Bryant I’ve played on switch and it was perfectly fine
Metallic TO
Metallic TO 13 päeva tagasi
yeah and they update i every season so one season i could play perfectly now i cant evan start the game fml
Mica Bryant
Mica Bryant 16 päeva tagasi
@Y-i-k-s I have fiber, and have zero issues with any other Device that uses internet or games. So it's nice that you think you know it all twat bag but you don't so piss off
Y-i-k-s 16 päeva tagasi
Don’t blame fortnite you just have bad internet
blghaouti farés
blghaouti farés 17 päeva tagasi
Exemple vente
Super sonic Sega
Super sonic Sega 17 päeva tagasi
Can you guys add sonic and five nights at Freddy
Alex Purba
Alex Purba 17 päeva tagasi
hey fortnite creator if you make fortnite chapter 3 are you gonna make new default? [sorry for asking but i want to know]
Srathens Gaming
Srathens Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
MAFIA Gaming
MAFIA Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
Unbanne FaZe Jarvis
FxreWxrkX 17 päeva tagasi
Therapist: Do you go outside? Fortnite kid: yeah I hop in the chopper with the boys in fortnite
Yami Yugi
Yami Yugi 15 päeva tagasi
Diana 17 päeva tagasi
Please bring back fortnite on ios please i love the game but i cant play!
ALEX YT 17 päeva tagasi
put it primal shotgun
ALEX YT 17 päeva tagasi
put it primal shotgun
ALEX YT 17 päeva tagasi
put it primal shotgun
FxreWxrkX 17 päeva tagasi
My whole entire life I have been in my wheelchair, Today I stood up to turn this off
Srathens Gaming
Srathens Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
Why the hell are you using a overused comeback from a faze Jarvis music video? Kid stfu
Kamrun Jahan Begum
Kamrun Jahan Begum 17 päeva tagasi
I have a request pls bring back fortnite back to app store and play store pls I miss fortnite I can't afford pc or laptop I use iPad pls bring back fortnite pls and some people can't afford pc or laptop
Lawrence 17 päeva tagasi
Fortnite win appal lose
Platnuim Kid
Platnuim Kid 17 päeva tagasi
Epic add a season selection so we can’t go back and play seasons like chapter2 season2 and etc and bring back the battlepass for all the season
Abood Al-Hashemi
Abood Al-Hashemi 17 päeva tagasi
1:00:00 1:30:00 2:00:00 2:30:00 3:00:00 3:30:00 4:00:00 4:30:00 5:00:00 5:30:00 6:00:00 6:30:00 7:00:00 7:20:00
James Girvan
James Girvan 17 päeva tagasi
James Girvan
James Girvan 17 päeva tagasi
Add the superhero skins back plz
Kamil Grabovský
Kamil Grabovský 17 päeva tagasi
Pls pls fortnite pls skin among us
The bigkid 13
The bigkid 13 17 päeva tagasi
Hallo epic can u please add Elevator move in battle rolay please because broke elevator is very boring do it in season 7 please don forget and make botton please
Nathan Nava
Nathan Nava 17 päeva tagasi
Toxic FN
Toxic FN 17 päeva tagasi
Epic can u bring back Sarah Connor please
Justin Gaming
Justin Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
They need to add a gun that shoots Materials like walls , floors , ramps and cones
TheRobbie Sullivan
TheRobbie Sullivan 9 päeva tagasi
I’ve always wanted a gun that if u hit them and it boxes them in mats owned by you lol.
clutch swav
clutch swav 17 päeva tagasi
unband jarvis unbandjarvis. freejarvis free jarvis.
rip xxxtentacion forever
rip xxxtentacion forever 17 päeva tagasi
Fortnite your not the same anymore I want season 1 map back
Srathens Gaming
Srathens Gaming 15 päeva tagasi
No one cares about the opinion of a 8 year old X worshipper
Who’s Who
Who’s Who 17 päeva tagasi
Release Taco time again
ANBU Black ops メ
ANBU Black ops メ 17 päeva tagasi
Epic please bring back scenario back plsssssss
حگآيهۂ٦٣ َ
حگآيهۂ٦٣ َ 17 päeva tagasi
وش اسالفة ذوان 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Casey Carroll
Casey Carroll 17 päeva tagasi
I am puss oof
Casey Carroll
Casey Carroll 17 päeva tagasi
Casey Carroll
Casey Carroll 17 päeva tagasi
I wat my f v bucks now ou you will be in hell i wat my 1950 v bucks now i am VenomPro69 or you in hell>:(
Strawberry🍓Cow🐄 17 päeva tagasi
I just wanna say..... If u watched the whole thing without forwarding your a fighter
Advogada Priscilla Costa
Advogada Priscilla Costa 17 päeva tagasi
Xynnyder Elleven
Xd_Jack:) 17 päeva tagasi
Please can we get another week of challenges plz
Emily Godby
Emily Godby 17 päeva tagasi
can you give Ghost rider a blue style like in the movies? Please!
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman 17 päeva tagasi
Don't take crafting
Malakais brain
Malakais brain 17 päeva tagasi
Come on fortnite were waiting for a Michael Jackson collab and a spider man collab😞🥺😅😅😅😅😅😅😃
Malakais brain
Malakais brain 16 päeva tagasi
Wdym these collab have been a thing for a year
Y-i-k-s 16 päeva tagasi
Why in the world does EVERYONE want collabs?!?!? I want no collabs especially in the battle pass
ToastyWaffleDoge 17 päeva tagasi
FORTNITE PLEASE DO A MORTAL KOMBAT CROSSOVER (If you can get Netherrealm's permission of course)
ToastyWaffleDoge 17 päeva tagasi
Look I know this is off topic but can the people who got marshmellow in season 7 8 9 X get an inverted style of him?
tamer azmi
tamer azmi 11 päeva tagasi
tamer azmi
tamer azmi 11 päeva tagasi
tamer azmi
tamer azmi 11 päeva tagasi
10 Fortnite STORYLINE Secrets
"Холостяк": ФИНАЛ
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