Fortnite x NBA: The Crossover Gets Creative 

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The 2nd half of Fortnite x NBA: The Crossover has arrived in Fortnite Creative. fn.gg/TheCrossover

From May 25 to June 1, explore the NBA-themed Welcome Hub built by Atlas Creative where you’ll find a wide array of basketball-themed areas, NBA highlights and locations to view and purchase the new NBA Outfits directly from the Welcome Hub.

Jump into The Crossover: Court Crashers LTM also built by Atlas Creative. Launch yourself off huge jumps and land big dunks on basketball hoops to score points.



24 mai 2021



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Brady Engle
Brady Engle 33 minutit tagasi
Epic games u need to start banning people in save the world I got scammed for a modded and 75 sunbeam u don’t do anything about it
S&B studio
S&B studio 7 päeva tagasi
Why does it feels like a nba 2k game
Loganthegamer 12 päeva tagasi
Y’all are awesome because you did this for Kobe! I think. R.I.P🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿🙏🏿👨🏾‍🦲👨🏾‍🦲👨🏾‍🦲👨🏾‍🦲👨🏾‍🦲 Big dreams Kobe,big dreams
IHavD3dication 15 päeva tagasi
not gonna buy a ugly character in my favorite basketball team
Devon Lathem
Devon Lathem 15 päeva tagasi
Add Mythic weapons into creative everyone wants them
Kai 16 päeva tagasi
They’re coming
おがそうおがそう 17 päeva tagasi
ッKenji Animations
ッKenji Animations 17 päeva tagasi
Only if Kobe could see this (rest in peace man)
Loganthegamer 12 päeva tagasi
R.I.P 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Master Diamond
Master Diamond 18 päeva tagasi
Can you put the Mezmer Skin back in the item shop soon
TheWellKnownDead !
TheWellKnownDead ! 19 päeva tagasi
This is sad. Fortnite went from getting 1 Million views per video, down to 100k - 400k per video
Karløs 14 päeva tagasi
This is a nba video, that's why.
mudkip 19 päeva tagasi
Now I don't wanna play basketball :(
tart tycoon
tart tycoon 20 päeva tagasi
!!warning!! This is a message for epic games plz respond I need to know something plz you wont probably see this comment but if you do plz respond
Dabonit1 20 päeva tagasi
Add a black style for marshmello for the people that got from season 7
Rosu Raluca
Rosu Raluca 21 päev tagasi
Please epic games put shadow ruby of Nintendo switch
raging gameplay ツ
raging gameplay ツ 21 päev tagasi
Good game and all but could you fix the invalidates like when I hit my friends in 1v1s it does no damage which gives them time to shoot and kill me so if you could fix that because its annoying
Ark VVS 22 päeva tagasi
please bring back stark
Lachlan Mapley
Lachlan Mapley 22 päeva tagasi
I hope people see this.On the battle pass trailer for season 7 chapter two the day it comes out we flood the comments asking for Nintendo switch to get save the world.I have quite a few friends who have switch and want to play save the world.They also want the v bucks from login rewards or challenges.Epic has given us no reason at all for their being no save the world on switch and I and many others think that save the world should come to switch.Epic won’t listen but if we get enough people to flood the comments maybe we will get Epic to notice.
Clugs edits
Clugs edits 23 päeva tagasi
Performance mode all console ?
DoubleCross 23 päeva tagasi
Hi Fortnite can u make a special edition for marshmello skin for people who got it when it first got out because it doesn’t feel rare anymore 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
royce 23 päeva tagasi
What is the name of the song
wardude _5
wardude _5 23 päeva tagasi
So you think this will save you, that lebron will come to the rescue... WRONG. YOU NEVER ADDED CARUSO!!!!😡😡😡
ranjodh singh Sandhu
ranjodh singh Sandhu 23 päeva tagasi
Hey fortnite can l get the NBA skins for free please
Hüseyin 23 päeva tagasi
can someone tell me what for a musik that is ?
YagRudGaming 23 päeva tagasi
The song is good
Lightning 24 päeva tagasi
What's the song called?
LEGO City Live Stream Official
Rust Lord
Rust Lord 24 päeva tagasi
𝙲𝚑𝚎𝚌𝚔𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚍 𝚁𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝙻𝚘𝚛𝚍
Ali Barakat
Ali Barakat 24 päeva tagasi
Dominic 24 päeva tagasi
Song: Derek Minor - Going Up
Horvath Szabi
Horvath Szabi 24 päeva tagasi
why remove performance mode why
Ariana Grathouse
Ariana Grathouse 24 päeva tagasi
I begin to release a mile's roller skin
LMNT Galaxyツ
LMNT Galaxyツ 24 päeva tagasi
I have an idea for a new Fortnite skin. I know it’s an Australian skin but you should make AFL skins with different styles for each teams jumper
Jhonatan R.
Jhonatan R. 24 päeva tagasi
I didn’t got it early😭😭😭
Jhonatan R.
Jhonatan R. 24 päeva tagasi
I want fortnite to add the death stroke to come back I’m sad I was crying 😭 😭😭😭😭
Hybrid G4M3R
Hybrid G4M3R 24 päeva tagasi
What is the name of the song
Dominic 24 päeva tagasi
Derek Minor - Going Up
Masato Dhesi
Masato Dhesi 24 päeva tagasi
Dear epic games recent update saw the dual pistol come back but I am no satisfied because the dual pistol is like burst assault rifle but only dose 2 shots so I was thinking to change the mechanism so the left trigger shoots the left pistol and the right trigger shoots the right pistol I hope you understand.
AnakinKenobi66 24 päeva tagasi
0:12 Me and my brother thinking Among Us was coming to Fortnite except it was Bushranger:
ck moosee
ck moosee 24 päeva tagasi
Still very confused on why the tac shotgun is absolutely horrible and does 28 damage headshot but ok
AILENE marcos
AILENE marcos 24 päeva tagasi
Fornite plys skin Ariana Grande my feivari plys gift my Ariana Grande may neym is BlahPancil24432 plys gift my Ariana Grande
Ava cool legendary
Ava cool legendary 24 päeva tagasi
I thought he died
Ava cool legendary
Ava cool legendary 24 päeva tagasi
Is that Midas cat
Jouster 25 päeva tagasi
For the Deathstroke skin you should have regular and old guy Deathstroke
LuboBGgaming 12
LuboBGgaming 12 25 päeva tagasi
Can you make something very special like winterfest but for summer.I liked 14 days of summer.Upgrade them instead of removing them.Pls make that for 2021!
LeXeR #1
LeXeR #1 25 päeva tagasi
Зайди ко мне
Maalik牛乳 25 päeva tagasi
what is the song?
Goh WenLe
Goh WenLe 25 päeva tagasi
Today is my birthday
Mr Supreme267
Mr Supreme267 25 päeva tagasi
What is that song?
Braxton Jarrett
Braxton Jarrett 25 päeva tagasi
Dear epic game s how it going
Stain 25 päeva tagasi
What’s the song doe it a banger
SUPRESD 25 päeva tagasi
The creative hub challenge don’t work
TNTman655 25 päeva tagasi
It has begun... Day 100 of asking fortnite to put Munition Major in the shop
R21_Savage 25 päeva tagasi
Sick trailer
Andrew Lopez Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez Andrew Lopez 25 päeva tagasi
Next season put dragon ball xuniverse in a fortnite crossover
Tate Jeter
Tate Jeter 25 päeva tagasi
Can fortnite try to get an MLB crossover. We already have soccer, football, and now basketball so some baseball skins would be cool
Vortex 24 päeva tagasi
ICYxChris 25 päeva tagasi
Fortnite should add a baseball or MLB collab as a basketball player
Conqueror YT
Conqueror YT 25 päeva tagasi
Epic should add different ways to shoot the ball and a way to dribble and dunk me and my friends would do that all day
jumping Buddie
jumping Buddie 25 päeva tagasi
This song is stuck in my head
fatxlityrl 24 päeva tagasi
what song is it called
Marlene Sanz
Marlene Sanz 25 päeva tagasi
epic vous ete les meilleure
Charlights 0911
Charlights 0911 25 päeva tagasi
Charlights 0911
Charlights 0911 25 päeva tagasi
Madison Lewis
Madison Lewis 25 päeva tagasi
Sub to Blowing TNT/Arctic Cytra
Kabeer Sheikh
Kabeer Sheikh 25 päeva tagasi
the challenges are bugged and not working
Dusan Dvorak
Dusan Dvorak 25 päeva tagasi
Wow fornite PC players free skin and console players no free item PlayStation plus ok. Bye and thank you.
Derp 25 päeva tagasi
What if the next season the spire exploded leaving the zero point exposed and the zero point explodes randomly in game witch has you going to chapter 1 and chapter 2 maps when it explodes
Long Fish
Long Fish 25 päeva tagasi
Guys just give us the llamatron and maniquinn
GREEZ 25 päeva tagasi
GREEZ 25 päeva tagasi
Fix it now
GREEZ 25 päeva tagasi
Fortnite there is a bug on Fortnite
ABOD X 25 päeva tagasi
El Pana snake
El Pana snake 25 päeva tagasi
i found a page give you hacks it calls fornite hacks i report that
toxiccreeper274 25 päeva tagasi
next creative update can you please add the authority prefab
Emperor Yoshi
Emperor Yoshi 25 päeva tagasi
its no ones responsiblity to respond im the dumbest on earth i didnt buy the travis scott skin because i was a default didnt know about the item shop and i didnt tell my mom
Muhammad Salman
Muhammad Salman 26 päeva tagasi
Duel pistols are impossible to find please fix this i never found them put them in chests please i only found them 1 time
Jorge Garrido
Jorge Garrido 25 päeva tagasi
They are vaulted
it's earth worm sally
it's earth worm sally 26 päeva tagasi
I heard about the bella porch skin can you pls do a consert for bella
epic geims bodrias poner un gesto contra el covd enves de chocar la mano porce no el codo
CertifiedRawDog 26 päeva tagasi
Why are bubble wrap builds gone:(
KingerArsenal 26 päeva tagasi
Epic when are you going to have fortnite in apple??
LISCUMRANCH 26 päeva tagasi
Primal fortnite nerf guns
666 666
666 666 26 päeva tagasi
Fortnite is getting old and sometimes boring but it’s fine
Boshra AL-Harbi
Boshra AL-Harbi 26 päeva tagasi
fortnight can you add the Stark industry rifle in creative please
Yanis Lequien
Yanis Lequien 26 päeva tagasi
on pourra jouer à fortnite sur mobile
Jaiden Minor
Jaiden Minor 26 päeva tagasi
buter bar
buter bar 26 päeva tagasi
Pls breeng back claptrap its my fauvorite bacpling im going to buy 2800v for claptrap
m4 26 päeva tagasi
do back og fortnite and fortnite will back cuz i want og fortnite back
JAYSON CARRENDER 26 päeva tagasi
So one person wants it back when millions of people asked for a new one?
Season 7 do a pet plzz😭😭😭
Byniu 26 päeva tagasi
what music plays at creative hub fortnite nba
Layla winwee19
Layla winwee19 26 päeva tagasi
°•°••°One day please put beachbommer in the idem shop oh may 26 plss we all love u and I really want that skin (BEACHBOMMER)•°•°•°•
Tracey Edwards
Tracey Edwards 26 päeva tagasi
Can there be a raptor skin
Tracey Edwards
Tracey Edwards 26 päeva tagasi
Because I was watching EEfrom and this guy had a raptor skin
J Black panther
J Black panther 26 päeva tagasi
Ok people this is the official Fortnite channel if you see anyone hating report them IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!! Help keep haters off this channel :D
Leonardo Bobadilla
Leonardo Bobadilla 26 päeva tagasi
Hrishi Menon 2.0 YT
Hrishi Menon 2.0 YT 26 päeva tagasi
Epic please add an indian skin in fortnite...i bet all of us would buy it...
Little timmys son
Little timmys son 26 päeva tagasi
why did epic remove bubble wrap build after almost everyone liked it
brandon 26 päeva tagasi
Terrible music choice who tf is that “goin up goin up goin up yuh goin up goin up goin up goin up”
Viana Family
Viana Family 26 päeva tagasi
If you can, are you able to fix the creative glitch where you are not able to access your recent islands.
Tristonator 26 päeva tagasi
Chapter 2 is horrible not playing your game hahaha
Tristonator 25 päeva tagasi
@J Black panther lol no evidence that game is horrible
J Black panther
J Black panther 26 päeva tagasi
@Tristonator bet you still play fall guys
Tristonator 26 päeva tagasi
@J Black panther no lol it’s just bad
Salaziras News
Salaziras News 26 päeva tagasi
@J Black panther doing the same
J Black panther
J Black panther 26 päeva tagasi
Reported for “hate speech or graphic violence” U may leave this channel and NEVER cone back u probably think this because you don’t have the skills to keep up
God-edits 26 päeva tagasi
Lets get it 😎
Hazim-mr H
Hazim-mr H 26 päeva tagasi
we want travis scott
Ender boy Gamer
Ender boy Gamer 26 päeva tagasi
Fornite back on the App Store nowwwwww😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🥵🥵👿👿👿👿👿👿
Ender boy Gamer
Ender boy Gamer 26 päeva tagasi
Ender boy Gamer
Ender boy Gamer 26 päeva tagasi
Bill gates better then you
eagle 26 päeva tagasi
Can you add a fully customizable wrap like the super hero skins
Dcypher M3
Dcypher M3 21 päev tagasi
They already do kinda have something like that in the game, the banner wrap but one for the superhero skins would be cool too.
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