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Create a squad. Scavenge for parts. Survive the night. Escape before it's too late. fn.gg/EscapeLTM

You’ve awakened on the Island. Realizing you weren’t extracted after your last Squads match and stranded with 15 others, you now must prove you’re capable of overcoming the wild by making an escape.

The reward for victory in this “Impossible Escape” Limited Time Mode? Not just securing freedom but also the new Impossible Odds Loading Screen and Escapist Umbrella.

There are three Choppas on the Island or one, depending on whether you’re playing the PvE or PvP version of the mode. But escape isn’t as simple as just boarding one. Each Choppa is in need of repair, requiring four specific parts to bring it back into commission. The parts can be anywhere on the Island, but beware: the Island is occupied by savage animals and dangerous guardians, with new threats emerging each time the sun goes down.

As soon as a Choppa is fixed up, whoever’s the pilot must fly it to an escape point before it runs out of fuel. Everyone on board a successfully escaped Choppa wins, but don’t think that ditching your team is a sound strategy to safety…

All players will awaken far from each other, so it’s up to you to seek out fellow strandees to form a squad with. You’ll be given the option to squad up with a player when you approach them, allowing you to communicate with each other with in-game chat (if enabled). Also, many hands make light work, so check your HUD to see what Choppa parts your squadmates are currently carrying. As usual, a squad can contain up to four players.

Though you’ll want to divide the labor, you won’t want to split up. With all the barbaric opposition, traveling alone would be perilously unwise. And depending on what version you’re playing, the opposition could include your fellow survivors. In the “PvE” version, members of different squads cannot harm each other, but in the “PvP” version, civility among squads is surrendered.

PvP only has one Choppa as opposed to PvE’s three, so taking on other squads is crucial to escape.



18 mai 2021



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Marc 83
Marc 83 Päev tagasi
This really proved itself the name "impossible"
Snekers 4 päeva tagasi
The music in this trailer reminds me of The Only Thing They Fear is You from Doom Eternal.
lilsleetee 7 päeva tagasi
bring this back please!!!
SillyKicker64 7 päeva tagasi
This was probably one of the biggest highlights last season, it would be amazing to have something similar as a permanent mode or at least have it return somehow
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 8 päeva tagasi
My screen its all youtubers with chekmark
GAME CAMP 8 päeva tagasi
I dont know why everyone in these trailer s have worse aim ever in world 🤯🤔
Fake Qusai
Fake Qusai 9 päeva tagasi
No its insane
Peter Rocc
Peter Rocc 10 päeva tagasi
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27) And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)
ItsYaboySinn 14 päeva tagasi
Bring it back
JoviNado 16 päeva tagasi
its the day before the season ends... and im only level 27
Cybernetic Raptor
Cybernetic Raptor 16 päeva tagasi
Fortnite: survival mode
tomasdaniel severino gajardo
Escapa de latinoamerica
King Creeper
King Creeper 17 päeva tagasi
God Bless ❤️
dark_bomber583 18 päeva tagasi
when u drop something at 3am
LavKin TV
LavKin TV 18 päeva tagasi
Dabonit1 20 päeva tagasi
Add a black style for marshmello for the people that got from season 7
Rosu Raluca
Rosu Raluca 21 päev tagasi
Please epic games put shadow ruby of Nintendo switch
Little Wolf
Little Wolf 21 päev tagasi
This was definitely a Hard gamemode but I managed to beat both modes
ItsDavid Plays
ItsDavid Plays 21 päev tagasi
Who excited before fortnite chapter 2 season 7 released [8 MORE DAYS!!!]
Lachlan Mapley
Lachlan Mapley 22 päeva tagasi
I hope people see this.On the battle pass trailer for season 7 chapter two the day it comes out we flood the comments asking for Nintendo switch to get save the world.I have quite a few friends who have switch and want to play save the world.They also want the v bucks from login rewards or challenges.Epic has given us no reason at all for their being no save the world on switch and I and many others think that save the world should come to switch.Epic won’t listen but if we get enough people to flood the comments maybe we will get Epic to notice.
Τartarus 22 päeva tagasi
your call
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 22 päeva tagasi
looking at the trailer u can tell this LTM is epic kinda reminds me of the LTM called Horde rush.
Edith susana Luna
Edith susana Luna 23 päeva tagasi
Copie Apex legends
28-Siddharth 7I
28-Siddharth 7I 24 päeva tagasi
The worst game mode ever, This is cursed!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 22 päeva tagasi
Apex legends quests mode plagiat
Santiago min ki
Santiago min ki 24 päeva tagasi
i miss this mode
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 23 päeva tagasi
Scavenging, making do with random items, surviving on your own in hostile conditions, I love it. I hope Fortnite adds this as a long term mode or creates more similar LTMs.
Daki Fn
Daki Fn 24 päeva tagasi
Hype for season 7 alien invasion June 8 2021,Hypeeeee!
Nic Je
Nic Je 25 päeva tagasi
Das LTM war super. Nervig waren allerdings die ganzen Trolle, die einfach nur die Mitspieler eliminieren und trotzdem nicht fähig waren den Choppa zu reparieren. Hätte den Schirm gern gewonnen. Der ist wirklich sehr nice. Leider kein Glück gehabt. Kommt der Schirm eventuell mal in den Shop?
Vulchurr 26 päeva tagasi
Wow this jurrasic park movie look really bad
Kim&Marek 26 päeva tagasi
This looks cool
G Kan
G Kan 26 päeva tagasi
skin in the beggining?
YT Magma-Gaming
YT Magma-Gaming 26 päeva tagasi
Wow that was close I escaped safe and sound
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 27 päeva tagasi
Games type of Battle Royale, could this mean we might get a Hunger Games Skin?
Ducky 27 päeva tagasi
This should 100% be permanent.
Neil Delos Santos
Neil Delos Santos 27 päeva tagasi
This is hands down my favorite game mode! PvPvE. Objective/Mission based. Survival. I wish we could have more of these, and permanent too.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 27 päeva tagasi
@ 1st I didn’t get it but couple hours now i figured it out what to do it’s fun actually that’s the way I like make it hard challenge
DARIUS MARIAN LUCA 27 päeva tagasi
the night is very creepy...
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 27 päeva tagasi
Games type of Battle Royale, could this mean we might get a Hunger Games Skin?
Nroid mods
Nroid mods 28 päeva tagasi
I need horses in game , the chicken , the Dino's are useless .
Mirai Gohan
Mirai Gohan 28 päeva tagasi
Apex legends quests mode plagiat
Steven Aldoroty
Steven Aldoroty 28 päeva tagasi
This was a great mode. Definitely some glitches need to be worked out, but overall very fun. It’s definitely tailored to players who do more than point and shoot or build. Scavenging, making do with random items, surviving on your own in hostile conditions, I love it. I hope Fortnite adds this as a long term mode or creates more similar LTMs.
sparkles533 aj
sparkles533 aj 28 päeva tagasi
Can someone please tell me what skin the girl with the purple hair at the beginning is?
Archetype 27 päeva tagasi
@sparkles533 aj ur welcome
sparkles533 aj
sparkles533 aj 27 päeva tagasi
@Archetype OMG thanks so much!!!
Archetype 27 päeva tagasi
It's gia
Kate Hall
Kate Hall 28 päeva tagasi
I hate this game mod I played the pvp mode and got to the finish line and I did not get the umbrella
gabe calabro
gabe calabro 28 päeva tagasi
It’s almost like they have an entire separate game or this
Zafaruss 28 päeva tagasi
Is this PvE or PvP?
Kage 27 päeva tagasi
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 28 päeva tagasi
OMG it’s been forever since we’ve had a real LTM like this!
Leonardo Monreal
Leonardo Monreal 29 päeva tagasi
This mode is not good I hate the ghosts
Daniel Marić
Daniel Marić 29 päeva tagasi
I won at my first try in PVP but it took 10 tries for PVE and craft "Hunters Cloak" if you wear it wolves wouldn't attack you
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 28 päeva tagasi
Great, zombies, wolves, raptors, and bots are gonna kill us. Just great.
Samuel Rye
Samuel Rye 29 päeva tagasi
Fortnite makes ghost not too op because they are so op it’s so hard to kill then
Yvonne David Garcia
Yvonne David Garcia 29 päeva tagasi
There no cest in this game
Chocolate Rulez1
Chocolate Rulez1 29 päeva tagasi
@ 1st I didn’t get it but couple hours now i figured it out what to do it’s fun actually that’s the way I like make it hard challenge
Model The Masters
Model The Masters 29 päeva tagasi
Should of change the name to... Only one percent will get the umbrella. Luckily after playing awhile I finally got a awesome squad and won. Good luck to everyone. But there are some good players out their. So be careful on who you choice for teammates. Some of the players are toxic.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 29 päeva tagasi
The impossible escape is remind me don't starve together.
Sebastian Endara
Sebastian Endara 29 päeva tagasi
is impossible
Yoda 29 päeva tagasi
Maybe nerf the NPCs surrounding some areas please
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 29 päeva tagasi
was a Thruster Part And we already Put That On The Choppa Please Fix
Arb Bardenh
Arb Bardenh 29 päeva tagasi
Hank Espinal
Hank Espinal 29 päeva tagasi
Ala madre esto SERA EPICOOOOOOOO 🥳
vidzupancic 29 päeva tagasi
What's the song name pls
Thomas Lillo
Thomas Lillo Місяць tagasi
Anoushka Aghaie
Anoushka Aghaie Місяць tagasi
Whats the name of the girls skin. I like her
Agent Jonesy
Agent Jonesy Місяць tagasi
I knew this day would come
Timotheos Місяць tagasi
What is the name of the female skin in the beginning with the blue hair?
Erick Morales-Arreguin
Erick Morales-Arreguin Місяць tagasi
It's impossible
Pink_boy? Місяць tagasi
Great, zombies, wolves, raptors, and bots are gonna kill us. Just great.
MrSlyGuy Місяць tagasi
SOS vibes
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Місяць tagasi
Here's a tip: When there's five of you left in pvp form a squad instead fighting to the death because the escape helicopter can hold 5 people
Splatm Місяць tagasi
No offense but this mode is very hard they should make it easier.
Kenneth Lawrence
Kenneth Lawrence Місяць tagasi
0:23 in reality we die to the fuards cus they have aimbot
Blake Leardini
Blake Leardini Місяць tagasi
OMG it’s been forever since we’ve had a real LTM like this!
Flowy Місяць tagasi
Hi Epic Games Me and My Cousin Was Playing this LTM and it was So Fun To Play but at the last 1 minute we had all the parts and when we were gonna put on the last part it was a Thruster Part And we already Put That On The Choppa Please Fix
Cervuli Місяць tagasi
I Tryt it its super hard really
connor Shepherd
connor Shepherd Місяць tagasi
I cant even win in this this is kinda dumb
mazapan de huevo
mazapan de huevo Місяць tagasi
Sentirán lo que es vivir en latinoamerica
CommaMatt159 Місяць tagasi
Fun game but needs more players
Артём ка
Артём ка Місяць tagasi
Immortal soul
Immortal soul Місяць tagasi
Reminds me of the apex one
Richard Radley
Richard Radley Місяць tagasi
I love the LTM it's good
Jonathan Alejandro S.g
Jonathan Alejandro S.g Місяць tagasi
Nice ♥️
SNG6 Місяць tagasi
The new raptor skin is ass lmao
BamboozleBTW Місяць tagasi
I have like almost all of the skins in the trailer lol
shift_ reaper
shift_ reaper Місяць tagasi
I feel like I seen this somewhere...😂
Lady Mindkoff
Lady Mindkoff Місяць tagasi
🔱🎦💠✨☢🌦🧹👼❄✨✨🔵✨ *Because of love. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Three days later. Rose him from the dead.* *Now. By Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He'll give you eternal life* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*
JustGauge Ø
JustGauge Ø Місяць tagasi
i mean its kinda ya know maybe a huge bit maybe rigged straight up the guards have .50 sniper rifles for eyes 0 ammo and 0 bows 0 guns 0 people teaming 100% greifing worse than the killing on the rocket event.
Raphael Sant
Raphael Sant Місяць tagasi
Riskitz 135
Riskitz 135 Місяць tagasi
This LTM is actually garbage, I don't see why people find it so appealing
the_meerkat13 Місяць tagasi
A mode where i cant get teammates but everyone else teams up on me
Matt Skipper
Matt Skipper Місяць tagasi
Did everything, in the heli heading to the finish line when my “teammate” crashes it and kills us all..! No way..!
SonicX15 *
SonicX15 * Місяць tagasi
Fortnite please put the (Surf Strider Skin) in the item shop with its cosmetics and hopefully a back bling with him to, if you guys want this skin to come out sooner and faster in the item shop bug fortnite everyday on a daily basis and be sure to spread the word to everyone as we protest in free the (Surf Strider Skin) Act!
Banana _ITA
Banana _ITA Місяць tagasi
Some guys Is fallen in the Fortnite map, Build the Choppa!
sannio komi
sannio komi Місяць tagasi
Mmm... The title is: Impossible Escape Of Latam (spanish america)
BSG Місяць tagasi
Worst Ltm because in the fog you can’t see a thing!
BSG Місяць tagasi
Haha you got 1 sub but it’s fine I will subscribe
BSG Місяць tagasi
What you on about
Aser Місяць tagasi
If your stranded in a forest and there is wolves and wild animals it would be appropriate to put fog
BSG Місяць tagasi
No it ain’t
Aser Місяць tagasi
That's... The point
Bozhidar Ivanov
Bozhidar Ivanov Місяць tagasi
This game mode is not fun because of the ghost
sannio komi
sannio komi Місяць tagasi
This LTM is so hard i hate it
NPX856 Місяць tagasi
Where Watchers.
LEGO City Live Stream Official
LEGO City Live Stream Official Місяць tagasi
Ninjacat9000 Місяць tagasi
I'm sorry but this is one of the most *boring* modes in the game so far....its completely up to rng because of how other squads work..half of them camp near the choppa....the wolves and ghosts are really annoying...and the game takes almost 30 mins to get by.....how anyone would like this I can't phathom...
Yarid G
Yarid G Місяць tagasi
Yes and beside this idea is already take and pulled off better in Apex legend . They really copied it .
Alan Kargbo
Alan Kargbo Місяць tagasi
The impossible escape is remind me don't starve together.
Jose Quintero
Jose Quintero Місяць tagasi
i almost have the umbrella
Jose Quintero
Jose Quintero Місяць tagasi
epic games please remove the shadow slasher
Shockmania70 Місяць tagasi
Can this Altman stay for this season
Impstar Місяць tagasi
Tried this mode for PVE... Died instantly 10/10
Queen_Gloom YT
Queen_Gloom YT Місяць tagasi
this better either become a permanent 4th mode or at least come back for Halloween
Remya Gopinath
Remya Gopinath Місяць tagasi
Now a days fortnite is not adding good and try hard skins
chulisto_tellofra Місяць tagasi
Left 4 dead reference
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