FNCS Analyst CH2S6 Semis: Trios to Watch featuring Reisshub and ShyoWager - Fortnite Competitive 

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Reiss and Shyo take a look at the top trios from NAW, NAE, and EU Regions Series Leaderboards and how they think they'll perform in the Semi-Finals!

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21 mai 2021



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シAbdul Latif Xz1
シAbdul Latif Xz1 9 päeva tagasi
fishyboy202 19 päeva tagasi
Epic games I have a good idea for fortnite you should add a save tab and you can combine skins that you have and anything you want in the item shop you can save it and then you can buy it when you want it
Lachlan Mapley
Lachlan Mapley 22 päeva tagasi
I hope people see this.On the battle pass trailer for season 7 chapter two the day it comes out we flood the comments asking for Nintendo switch to get save the world.I have quite a few friends who have switch and want to play save the world.They also want the v bucks from login rewards or challenges.Epic has given us no reason at all for their being no save the world on switch and I and many others think that save the world should come to switch.Epic won’t listen but if we get enough people to flood the comments maybe we will get Epic to notice.
MBZBOSS2 27 päeva tagasi
Make some skins from avatar. The first one.
ARTEMAL 25 29 päeva tagasi
Epic Games, please, add to our great game pack: "Shadow Legends"❤️❤️❤️
ARTEMAL 25 29 päeva tagasi
Epic Games, please, add to our great game pack: "Shadow Legends"❤️❤️❤️
Aurora Divi
Aurora Divi 29 päeva tagasi
Este juego no se q va, si no me echas un cable no me entero de nada
ARTEMAL 25 29 päeva tagasi
Epic Games, please, add to our great game pack: "Shadow Legends"❤️❤️❤️
ARTEMAL 25 29 päeva tagasi
Epic Games, please, add to our great game pack: "Shadow Legends"❤️❤️❤️
ARTEMAL 25 29 päeva tagasi
Epic Games, please, add to our great game pack: "Shadow Legends"❤️❤️❤️
Md. Elham Haque Auri
Md. Elham Haque Auri 29 päeva tagasi
Fortnite i go to the item shop but i didnt see the ruby shadow pack
Ricky Vaughn Jr
Ricky Vaughn Jr 29 päeva tagasi
Fortnite can you fix my icon emote dances
Carlos Alberto Vieira silva
Sei lar como escreve essa porra kkkkk
ヤマワgames 29 päeva tagasi
Why can't I get the switch force?
ヤマワgames 29 päeva tagasi
Why can't I get the switch force?
MHD X 29 päeva tagasi
pold 702
pold 702 29 päeva tagasi
matthew Witts
matthew Witts 29 päeva tagasi
Why do you have players in division seven contenders league teaming ???
pedroca 1709
pedroca 1709 29 päeva tagasi
Plesse fortnite X sonic,fortnite X megaman X 😢😢😢😢😢😢
ST4 KOKE 29 päeva tagasi
Fortnit Ios
Oh 29 päeva tagasi
Can you delete the gourds in impossible escape! PvP.
İbrahim Abo Hatab ابراهيم ابو حطب
That is, when the season seven Fortnite
Wings_of_fire_geek ‘
Wings_of_fire_geek ‘ 29 päeva tagasi
Fortnite pls fix matching I have been put with session 1 chapter 1 and I’m session 1 chapter 2
Eddie Ice cream
Eddie Ice cream 29 päeva tagasi
Can you gift me the skin Renegade Raider please it is my dream skin my username is: eddykaram
Kamil Grabovský
Kamil Grabovský 29 päeva tagasi
Pls pls pls pls Give me back Slurp legends bundle pls pls
Sauce 29 päeva tagasi
This game is so boring now apex is more action packed
M Mm
M Mm Місяць tagasi
Very Nice Fortnite💖
Craig Adam
Craig Adam Місяць tagasi
Why did they broadcast qualifier round 4s but not semi finals lol
GAME ON Місяць tagasi
thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much for the shadow ruby skin love you
Gaming stricker
Gaming stricker Місяць tagasi
Please change 2 gb ram mobile support update
小谷颯斗 Місяць tagasi
Татьяна шамякина
Sasuke Meme
Sasuke Meme Місяць tagasi
Fortnite can you pls make very console to get the shadow Ruby pls also for Nintendo switch pls I beg you
Sasuke Meme
Sasuke Meme Місяць tagasi
For free
Jelly Slow
Jelly Slow Місяць tagasi
They should make chug jug with you lobby track
Pedro Riquelme
Pedro Riquelme Місяць tagasi
skin and jorgef yes
X Freinds
X Freinds Місяць tagasi
Also vault stink fish
X Freinds
X Freinds Місяць tagasi
Having a stink bow is basically having 31 stink bombs
X Freinds
X Freinds Місяць tagasi
Vault stink bow in arena because people were spraying me with the stink bow
Antek Zarz
Antek Zarz Місяць tagasi
Kiedy dacie darmowy pakiet na ps4
Superior Fishy
Superior Fishy Місяць tagasi
Please put all of your mythic weapons and stuff in creative in the next update it would make creative way better and more fun
Karim Ahmed
Karim Ahmed Місяць tagasi
Kove Nevells
Kove Nevells Місяць tagasi
Fortnite is down bad
M. Ibrahim
M. Ibrahim Місяць tagasi
Epic the shadow ruby pack is not showing in my ps4
faZe fishy
faZe fishy Місяць tagasi
Mulalo Mavhalane
Mulalo Mavhalane Місяць tagasi
I switched from PS4 to PC and my skins aren't on PC please help
Mulalo Mavhalane
Mulalo Mavhalane Місяць tagasi
@MARCEL PIWONSKI not while on PCs
Mulalo Mavhalane
Mulalo Mavhalane Місяць tagasi
did you login on your ps4 acc?
iTz_LP10 Місяць tagasi
Make aim assist PLS PLS
Arham Naseer
Arham Naseer Місяць tagasi
I didn't get it the ruby plz fix it
Iddo Pretorius
Iddo Pretorius Місяць tagasi
Epic games I know this is not about the NCS Mode but please add every mythic into creative
Johnny and Matthews Channel
Johnny and Matthews Channel Місяць tagasi
Fortnite will never comment on this comment
Mashriq Occasions
Mashriq Occasions Місяць tagasi
Can you add back the burst rifle back its my favourite gum pls
M7md Ϟ
M7md Ϟ Місяць tagasi
Fortnite plz bout ruby shadow in ps4 and xbox
FOG GAMERZ Місяць tagasi
▅ ▆ ▇ █ 🎀 “ᴵ’ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐ𝐸 🎀 █ ▇ ▆ ▅
Magikarp The Fish_official
Mahdi Shikder
Mahdi Shikder Місяць tagasi
Why tf can't u get the street shadow pack on console for God sake not everyone has a pc and u patched the only way to get it on console u
Yazeed Fahad
Yazeed Fahad Місяць tagasi
spy on top🔥🔥
ANavi Williams
ANavi Williams Місяць tagasi
My birthday was a guff cake 🙂🎂
Leo H
Leo H Місяць tagasi
Please add a blueberry fragyo emote plz
IronMist Місяць tagasi
Yo eoic can you stop adding sweats in my game litterally I killed a lot of bots and after that game I have tryhards and get killed instanty im not even that good at the game
Andrew kenda
Andrew kenda Місяць tagasi
I can't wait for the godzilla vs kong🤩🥲😭
Naeeem Kousar
Naeeem Kousar Місяць tagasi
Naeeem Kousar
Naeeem Kousar Місяць tagasi
Ο σουπερ προας yet gr 😎😎😎
Epic I don’t love your new emotes I really love the old good emotes and pls give 1000 vbuks my name on fortnite is DROSULITIS
NwG_Venomy t
NwG_Venomy t Місяць tagasi
when is fortnite ios coming back
Secret Shadow yt
Secret Shadow yt Місяць tagasi
any teaser for seson 7?
lukzin!! Місяць tagasi
AIDAN Wayne Місяць tagasi
Ramon Kev21
Ramon Kev21 Місяць tagasi
Fortnite can you put midas shadows an creative
VIPERX_yt Місяць tagasi
I hate the raptors delete them now
Presidential Clan
Presidential Clan Місяць tagasi
my1rkAna Rosa2les
my1rkAna Rosa2les Місяць tagasi
Shawn Jappy
Shawn Jappy Місяць tagasi
Shawn Jappy
Shawn Jappy Місяць tagasi
Fortnite I can get the shadow ruby skin can you help I tried every device in my house none work i need help pls can we talk in zoom
BossPlayzYT Місяць tagasi
WHY DOES CONSOLE STILL NOT HAVE THE FREE CHALLENGE PACK Add it NOW because its not fair that not all devices can have it EPIC GAMES!!!!!!
Toxic FN
Toxic FN Місяць tagasi
Epic could u bring back platform cashcups next season
k20four Місяць tagasi
unbammed faze jarvis pls and bring og back you are making fortnite bad with out jarvis and og back soo think Developers
Anthony Garcia Valenzuela
Anthony Garcia Valenzuela Місяць tagasi
Fortnite can you give me the ps5 please I Just have the ps4 please for free please free l Have your game on my ps4 end I am subscribed to your channel please with the bell on and I give you every single day a like please
spazz ._.
spazz ._. Місяць tagasi
Hi can u pls unpatched the ruby shadows skin alot of console players want it like me pls
LORD YT RAVAN ✓ Місяць tagasi
*""Who just Found Him Randomly and now a big fan 💓❤️💯""*
Leela Jain
Leela Jain 29 päeva tagasi
Wait..wha?? Are you binge watching fortnites channel??
/: Місяць tagasi
lol wtf
Agent Peels
Agent Peels Місяць tagasi
Bruh, 1) you are bot, 2) Fortnite is not 1 person lol
F O N B E Місяць tagasi
Ryder Matchette
Ryder Matchette Місяць tagasi
I love Fortnite
ملك السرسريه
ملك السرسريه Місяць tagasi
فري فير سارقين الرقصات
Acevedo Benitez Hugo
Acevedo Benitez Hugo Місяць tagasi
Algún día 🥺😔
Ethan Mari Lanete
Ethan Mari Lanete Місяць tagasi
Live stream pls
Youssef Gohar
Youssef Gohar Місяць tagasi
Epic make it free like season 8 plzzz
L G Місяць tagasi
I swear to god if naruto comes out I’m legit buying and getting back into the game no kidding
Fyhi Games
Fyhi Games Місяць tagasi
Steel Warriors
Steel Warriors Місяць tagasi
I have an idea that can bring more players to fortnite next season is soon season so you should do a Mario cart season me and my friends thought it would the best season ever because u can get Mario, Luigi and more characters in the battle pass u can also get cat Mario as a style for Mario but bowser can be a boss and breaths fire and if u kill him U get to breath fire every 20 seconds it would be a mythic and Mario can say it’s a pizza and pizza pops up in his hands as a built in emote and there can be goombass scatered around the map and a place called kart course and there are go carts u can ride and a track u can collect bananas and through them and stuns someone like a boogie bomb but they just fall and there can be bowser skin at level 100 the event at the end of the season can be Mario battling bowser to save peach and peach can be a skin maybe that my idea that will make fortnite get more players
Hayden Murphy
Hayden Murphy Місяць tagasi
Epics games I need you to make this battle bass at June 20
Hayden Murphy
Hayden Murphy Місяць tagasi
I want to get to 200 levels
klement Місяць tagasi
Artem Derkach
Artem Derkach Місяць tagasi
Suggestion: can you please make a magician skin. With a chest pocket with an ace card. A black top hat with a barber tender style clothing. Red lines on the pants. White hair. Radish eyes with a hint of purple. And the back bling being a rabbit sticking its head out time to time from a top hat.
serhado 334
serhado 334 Місяць tagasi
Yo bro 🇨🇵😎✌️
tiagomike Місяць tagasi
I just wanted to play on a console lobby with normal matchmaking... This game is going down and down every season
mody master
mody master Місяць tagasi
Epic it is not fair to just give the shadow ruby challenge pack to the pc players it's fair to give it to everyone
TommyInnit Місяць tagasi
Can u make acuaman challenges avalable again pls
Art Dog
Art Dog Місяць tagasi
Procesify Місяць tagasi
Yo if you wanna have a high chance of winning a giveaway I’ll be hosting one for vbucks when I reach 1000 subscribers 😅
sabo Gomez iker
sabo Gomez iker Місяць tagasi
Hello 2.0
sabo Gomez iker
sabo Gomez iker Місяць tagasi
Hello yiw poop pop
sabo Gomez iker
sabo Gomez iker Місяць tagasi
Hussein Hani
Hussein Hani Місяць tagasi
Fortnite it did
Pyro Gaming
Pyro Gaming Місяць tagasi
Hello yop pop meu yryturi
Gh0stYヅ Місяць tagasi
Epic please fix this can you remove the suspicious activity i only refreshed 10 times and it tells me im suspicious what the heck i just want the ruby skin
Hey fortnite why i cant have the black Ruby skin just because in of playstation 4
STRABARY Місяць tagasi
ZakkToTheFuture Місяць tagasi
You should make a back to the future bundle with Marty mc fly and doc brown for the skins and the delorian for the glider and the back blings should be marty mc Flys hover board and the Flux compositor
MetalMama08 Місяць tagasi
👍 Agreed
THIBAUD DRUEL Місяць tagasi
Et pour naruto ??
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎ ‎ Місяць tagasi
Fortnite bring back fortnite to iOS
World’s Largest Ramp!
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"Пёс-6". "Вендетта"
My New Favorite Slap Warrior
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